6 of Africa’s most notorious prisons that need to be shut down

A prison officer checks the prisoners in their cell before locking them for the night. Overcrowding is a critical problem in Malawian jails. Chichiri Prison was built to house 800 prisoners instead of the 2000 currently detained there. According to medical statistics this specific cell 5, one of the most overcrowded, have the most case of viral transmissions (Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Malaria, HIV) as well as the highest percentage of other diseases related to unhygienic conditions (Scabies, skin infections, rash). -- Photo: malawinewsnow.com

Prisons in Africa are largely reported to be below standard and unfit for humans undergoing reform. Inmates are mostly cramped up in cells while sanitation is a major issue as toilets are not adequate for the overcrowded prisons.

Ethiopia’s Attorney General Berhanu Tsegaye recently sacked numerous prison officials in what he mentioned as an overhaul in the country’s prison system.

The reason for the shakeup was gross negligence towards the respect and well-being of inmates.  Last month, the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed cited that torture of prisoners was “unconstitutional.”

Prison is not a fantastic place to be. While culprits must be accountable for their actions and serve the time that is imposed on them, they are still human beings that are to be treated with some level of humanity –however,  this does not excuse their actions.

Some facilities are so mismanaged that they are in swift need of being closed.

Scroll through to learn about 6 of Africa’s most notorious prisons that need to be shut down:

Last Edited by:Farida Dawkins Updated: September 15, 2018


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