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BY Mildred Europa Taylor, 10:00am November 23, 2018,

6 of Hollywood’s greatest black producers of all time

From directing, producing, and starring in the musical I Know I've Been Changed in 1992, Tyler Perry has built an entertainment empire that consists of successful films and plays --- CNBC.com

Movie producers, who are often behind the scenes of our favourite films and TV shows, have an enormous task as they are generally responsible for overseeing a movie from beginning to end. Before a film gets made, producers choose projects, raise funds, get the director and take care of casting. While filming, they organise everything – from shooting to making sure the budget is adhered to –and after filming, they put all pieces together to get a complete work.

Though the above processes are difficult, they are harder for African Americans who face a lot of hurdles in getting their productions on screen. One of these hurdles is getting smaller production budgets, sometimes as low as $10 million dollars against $80 million or above given to their white counterparts.

Despite the above concerns, some black producers have raised the bar in Hollywood, producing movies that not only highlight black stories and culture but are making inroads at the box office and ranking among the top 100 highest grossing films during the year of their releases.

Below are some of the greatest black Hollywood producers:

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