7 amazing black explorers who made a mark in history

Mildred Europa Taylor February 16, 2019
Juan Garrido is a black explorer and the first free African to step on mainland America. Photo: Público - Diario Público

Several amazing black explorers made a mark in history. Over centuries, the world has been blessed with courageous explorers who tirelessly went the extreme length to discover new lands, people, riches, animal history, among others.

Often, when talking about such expeditions, names like the following are mentioned: Ferdinand Magellan of Portugal who sailed around the world to prove the world is round; Vasco da Gama who commanded the first European ship around the southern tip of Africa to reach India by sea, and Christopher Columbus, noted as the principal European discoverer of the Americas.

But just like any other historical roles in the world, black people also made perilous journeys to the far reaches of the earth and were pioneers of exploration.

Though some are almost forgotten, others became famous just as their journeys. Here are the notable ones:

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