7 amazing black explorers who made a mark in history

Mildred Europa Taylor February 16, 2019
7 amazing black explorers who made a mark in history

Mathew Henson

In April 1909, many people believed that explorer, Robert Peary, was the first of his expedition to have landed at the geographic North Pole. Only a few at the time knew that it was rather his servant, Matthew Henson who first set foot on the northernmost point on Earth in that expedition. Henson had accompanied Peary and a small group to what was recognized as the North Pole. Henson was ignored, particularly because he was African-American and would later spend most of his next 30 years working as a customs clerk in New York while lecturing on his experiences. Fortunately, in 1937, he received some recognition, as he was granted an honorary membership in the prestigious Explorers Club. Henson was also awarded several honorary degrees, and in 1954 he received a personal commendation from President Eisenhower for his role in discovering the North Pole.

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