7 historical places you need to visit in Morocco

Mildred Europa Taylor March 02, 2019
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Saadian Tombs

One of the “must see” sites of Marrakech are the Saadian Tombs. For two centuries the tombs were neglected, until 1917 when they were opened to the public. The tombs allow you to learn about the Saadi dynasty and the wealth and grandeur enjoyed by its sultans. The Saadian dynasty lasted from the mid-12th century until the 16th century when the Alaouite dynasty took over. The Saadian tombs are located in a closed garden, which visitors can access through a small passageway. The most important building of the Saadian Tombs is the main mausoleum that was constructed on orders of Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur during the 16th century. The remains of around 60 members of the Saadi dynasty have been interred here, including the sultan’s mother, wives, and children. Each of the over 100 hundred tombs at the site is beautifully decorated with coloured mosaics.

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