9 traditional African sports that survived colonialism

Etsey Atisu July 19, 2019
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Photo: Centro Capoeira

Capoeira- Angola

The famous Afro-Brazilian martial art sporting activity gained its name in Brazil in the 16th century after slaves taken from Africa started to indulge in it during their free time on the plantations. The sporting activity involved music and dance and is very indulging. It originates from Angola and was called N’golo by the indigenous Angolans. This sporting activity originally began as a religious/spiritual practice that lined the living to their ancestors through its rhythmic but swift movements to music. It is believed that a participant could get possessed by an ancestor to speak to the living while in the act of the sport. It uses several techniques such as slap boxing, evasion, jumping, kicking etc. The Afro-Brazilian community developed it into a sport after several attempts by their masters to stop them from practising it.

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