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A look at the fascinating naked tribes of Nigeria

Mohammed Awal January 03, 2020 at 04:00 pm

January 03, 2020 at 04:00 pm | Culture

Koma people — SuperStock

Koma people

They were recognized as Nigerians in 1961 along with the old provinces of northern Cameroon.

They occupy the Alantika Mountains in northern Adamawa State in Nigeria and Northern Cameroon at the southwestern side (Faro National Park) of the border at Adamawa State.

They were said to be hiding in mountainous habitat for a very long period before their discovery.

Scores of Nigerians, after the discovery, described the Koma people as primitive and pagan, and even named the mountain on which they reside as Alantika which in Kanuri language means “Allah hasn’t yet arrived.”

That is because the Koma people still hold on to their ancient traditions and other religious practices despite being surrounded by Islamic societies.


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