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A timeline of Whitney Houston’s ever-changing hair looks

Alice Otchere Johnson | Intern Writer

Alice Otchere Johnson August 09, 2018 at 05:00 pm

August 09, 2018 at 05:00 pm | Fashion Finds

Whitney Houston -- Photo Credit: Christian Lantry

Today marks the 55th birthday of a legend that once lived among us, Whitney Houston.

Even though Whitney may be well known for her breathtaking voice and hit songs that got everyone singing and dancing along, she also had a great taste in style and fashion and her hair was one to show for it.

Throughout the changing scenes of her career, she had a different hairstyle on, making her fans and the world in general anticipation and wonder as to which style she would don next.

Below is a timeline of all the hairstyles of Whitney Houston from the beginning to the sad and abrupt end of her career.

Fresh-faced Whitney Houston curly hair just after the release of her first album “Whitney Houston” in 1985


After her second album release: Whitney. Here, she is seen much longer light-brown curly hair


At the 1986 Grammy Awards where she won her first Grammy. She showed up in a long, dark wavy hair with a bold makeup which later became her signature look


In 1989, she had a full, loose, curly shoulder length bob look


In 1994, she looked relatively different in a straight hair look featuring bangs and a high bun


1996 saw the return of a lighter shade of hair with soft bangs cascading her forehead to complete the full bob look


In 2000, it was the dawn of a new era of hair for Whitney. Her black, straight, short bob at the Grammy Awards very unlike her but then again, so much like her unstable style choices


In 2001, she shocked again with a much different cinnamon-hued layered bob


2006 was the honey blonde year for Whitney with another banged bob look


Whitney was at it again with a bob that looked like a halo of big curls around her head in 2007


In 2010, she was back to her dark, wavy layered bob ways and bold makeup


She is pictured here in her signature dark brown jheri curl style


In 2011, she appeared on the cover of In Style Magazine with a round bob look with bangs and big curls


We honestly couldn’t keep up with the style queen as in 2011, she dazzled yet again in a straight long bob style which was her look until she passed away in 2012


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