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Africa-America Institute Holds Talent Summit For Better Continent

Technology Panel with Face2Face Africa's Sandra Boateng (pictured second from left)

AAI Talent Summit

Technology Panel with Face2Face Africa’s Sandra Boateng (pictured second from left)

For the last 61 years, the Africa-America Institute (AAI) has earned the distinction of being a premier U.S.-based international education and policy organization that works to advance higher education and professional development training for Africans. It is committed to unlocking the potential of African talent to further develop and bolster the continent’s global competitiveness and economic growth. Therefore, AAI’s Talent Summit, which took place on Saturday, looked to discuss a number of pertinent questions, regarding technology, repatriation, and health care with featured panelists.

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The AAI convened in New York City for their 2nd Annual Talent Summit. Several heads of African corporations and employers from the corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors were in attendance. Focusing on Africa, the panel discussions addressed leading and emerging career sectors on the continent, ranging from health care and pharmaceuticals to information technology and and repatriation.

Summit attendees learned from top industry experts about talent management, recruitment, career opportunities as well as hiring trends in Africa and gained an insider peek in to technology and innovation on the continent. What is more, attendees also had the chance to network and converse with top recruiters from companies, including General Electric (GE) Africa.

According to a recent survey of the AAI Job Candidate Network, Africans are one of the most-educated and employable immigrant populations in the United States. Equally important, Africa needs highly educated and innovative diasporans as leaders in its development.

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Fully aware of these facts, the AAI’s Talent Summit served as an effective venue for job seekers who are looking for opportunities on the continent, entrepreneurs who are looking to broaden their respective businesses, and networkers who simply wanted to foster connections with outstanding educated and skilled panelists, making the summit a productive and significant event indeed.

See photos from the AAI Talent Summit here:


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