Why African and Caribbean men need to stop shying away from oral sex

Farida Dawkins January 03, 2018
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Oral sex has long been a taboo subject in African and Caribbean societies. Cunnilingus is thought of as disgusting and a habit that masculine men just don’t do.  There have been a number of songs performed by Jamaican artists in which these singers brag about not being a member of the oral sex on women club.  According to Diaspora Scope, African men are against the act due to religious and cultural reasons. It doesn’t help matters that there are studies that attribute cunnilingus and fellatio to disease.

Nonetheless, individuals are still engaging in the debated act. Some are glad to receive yet, not return the favour to the dismay of their partner.  Others attribute their nonparticipation due to the hygienic practices of their mates.

Either way, let’s get to the reasons why oral sex is good for your relationship. The State University of New York conducted a study reported by daily digest that stated that performing cunnilingus can curb depression as when two partners are enthralled, there is a release of oxytocin and serotonin – hormones that induce happiness and relaxation.  It also promotes great rest which is an entity many of us are lacking in our fast-paced world.  Oral sex is even being equated to a great deed that enables helper’s high; what Psychology Today explains as the positive feelings that accompany performing altruistic activities.

The playing field needs to be levelled. As African women are slowly beginning to vocalize their sexual needs, there needs to be a renaissance so to speak of African sex culture.  Women and men should be able to research, try, and determine if other forms of sex are beneficial to their lives.  The “macho” mindset present in Caribbean culture as it pertains to intimacy can also be shifted to examine the sexual needs of women and how it’s imperative to the health, growth, and connection that exists in a relationship.

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