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Lonely? Don’t be. Benefits of being single

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We just ushered in 2018 and you may have some dos and don’ts panned out for the year. Things you’d like to change or see come to fruition. Goals are on fleek and manifestation is high on the list. One imperative subject that comes to mind is love.  If you’re in a committed relationship you may be attempting to let it go for the sake of a fresh start or enjoying it swimmingly; If not, you may be chasing one like a mouse does cheese. Nevertheless, keep reading to learn or reinforce why being single is essential to growth.

A chance to learn from mistakes. After a relationship ends and the dust settles, there’s a period of assessing what went wrong and the part both individuals played in it. It may be easier to blame the other party conversely, the demise or positive growth of a romance is dependent on the effort of both people. So keep notes and work on your weaknesses. No need to carry around a load of baggage.

Learning what you will and won’t tolerate. Love is blind indeed. At the initial stage of passion, we’re blinded by our awe of the other person that we downplay their faults until it all starts to get on your last nerve. Then we may start reminiscing why we became single in the first place.  Consequently, being without a partner enables you to have the blinders off and observe circumstances that affect your relationship status for what they really are.

An opportunity to learn what true love is. We can’t love anyone or anything else until we can accept ourselves unabashedly.  Unresolved self-esteem and self-confidence will wreak havoc on you and your love life. Get yourself right so you can get your love on.

Be free. Imagine being able to travel on a whim. Going out to lunch or dinner without having to come to a consensus. Deciding to step out and actually being able to go right on the spot – without an explanation to anyone. Good times lie ahead.

Concentrate on your goals. Idle time can make or break you if not used constructively. Alone time is an opportune period to go back to school, take that dance class, learn how to cook or anything your heart desires.

Floss. Now is the time to change up your look. Get a new hairstyle. Upgrade your wardrobe. Buy that new lipstick you’ve been dying to try. Accentuate your external beauty while upgrading your inner beauty.

Eventually, everything falls into place. For the meantime, enjoy your journey, don’t beat up on yourself and do the work to reveal the best you possible!

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