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Afrishionista Female Edition — Jojo Abot

By Chioma Chinweoke

Afrishionista Female Edition — Jojo AbotJoJo Abot is Face2Face Africa’s first female Afrishionista! Hailing all the way from Ghana, Jojo has a strong background in fashion and modeling.

You may recognize her camera-friendly face from the Aya Morrison swimwear print advertising campaign.

As her photos reflect, Jojo embodies the essence of a true Afrishionista – fierce, fly, educated and positive!

The Face2Face Africa Fashion team caught up with JoJo, and she revealed all her favorite style tips and things she absolutely can’t live without:







Face2Face Africa: How would you describe your style?

JoJo: I would describe my style as random: It’s quite like random pieces falling in love with each other daily. I try not to put too much thought into it. When I look in my closet, I try to satisfy all urges at once. The urge to wear bright colors and dark ones, short and long, tight and loose, all in one go, if that makes any sense at all. I wear a lot of dresses, be it in the winter, spring, summer or fall. Why? Well they're the simplest, yet most beautiful things to wear in my opinion. They add a feminine touch without much effort. You can dress up with a dress or dress it down. I feel the most playful when I’m in a dress or skirt.


Face2Face Africa: Who are your favorite labels?

JoJo: I don’t really have any…favorite stores? If I have to decide it’ll be DAFFY'S! I couldn't live without it, even if that store ever closed their doors for good! I also shop at a lot of vintage, housing works and Salvation Army stores.

Afrishionista Female Edition — Jojo Abot

Face 2 Face Africa: Do you dress to impress, or not?

JoJo: I dress for me, and my goal is never to be sexy, but to be comfortable and cool.


Face 2 Face Africa: What are your favorite style pieces? Style items you absolutely can't live without?

JoJo: I love BELTS, scarves and heels. My friends say that if you give me anything,  I'll throw a belt on it. And it's true! It allows me to wear any size I want, from small to XL.

Afrishionista Female Edition — Jojo Abot

Face 2 Face Africa: Who are some of your favorite African fashion designers? Do you buy from any particular African fashion labels?

JoJo: Sadly, I don't buy as much African as I should, or would like to. I grew up thinking I could always have my "Aunt Maggie" sew any design out there for me for free. I'm breaking out of that, and I look forward to wearing some Solome Katangole, Korto Momolu and Cote Minou pieces. Should I ever break out of my no earring phase, I'lll rock me some "Besign by You" earrings!


Face 2 Face Africa: What are your top five items that you can’t live without?

JoJo: Belts! Booties! Scarves! Lipstick! Dresses!

Afrishionista Female Edition — Jojo Abot

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