AfroExposure 2011: The Awakening of African Culture

Sandra Appiah June 22, 2011

Washington DC, June 1, 2011 – PalavaHut ‐ the Online African Village, announced the first ever AfroExposure ( event themed “The Awakening of African Culture” scheduled to take place on July 9, 2011 at the Montgomery County Cultural and Arts Center in Silver Spring, MD.  AfroExposure 2011: The Awakening of African Culture

AfroExposure ‐ the Awakening of African Culture is an exciting show that depicts the evolution of African Culture through poetry, fashion, dance, and music. AfroExposure is organized by PalavaHut Inc, the creators of PalavaHut – the online African village ( Over the last 4 years, PalavaHut Inc has targeted immigrants from Africa, Caribbean blacks in the U.S. and the general African American community via their vibrant online magazine and social networking website ‐ 

PalavaHut Inc. seeks to facilitate communication and foster relationship building among the globally scattered members of the African diaspora and bring understanding and appreciation to everyone when it comes to the vibrant demography of people of African descent. In their effort to widen coverage on issues and trends, PalavaHut Inc have succeeded in launching various media outlets each with task of representing the voices of Africans living all over the world. 

  “AfroExposure aim is to provide the public with a single well‐balanced African story as seen through the eyes of various performers.” says Will Roberts, president of PalavaHut Inc.  “We want to give young entrepreneurs and performers one of the biggest stage to launch thier products and careers respectively, and take them to another level while at the same time give the public a new sense of appreciation of today’s African art, culture and music."

AfroExposure will feature works from upcoming group, such as Mbuutu (Uganda‐ Dance Group) Cote Minou (Cameroonian ‐ Fashion Designers), Tosin (Nigerian ‐ Fashion Designers), Apexx (Nigeria ‐ Musicians), Nollege Wizdumb (Nigerian ‐ Poet) Tolumide (Nigerian ‐ Musician), Koby Maxwell (Ghanaian ‐ Musician), The Ruart Group (Gabon and Togo – Fashion Designers), Afro‐1 (All West African ‐ Dance Group), Les Belle D’Afrique (Cameroonain Dance Group) and more.

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