What’s your age? What’s your sign? Zodiac Compatibility and Relationships

Sandra Appiah June 22, 2011

"What's your age? What's your sign?"

What’s your age? What’s your sign? Zodiac Compatibility and RelationshipsYes, that’s a Notorious B.I.G. line from the song, “Big Poppa.” As I was jamming to an old school biggie track, I wondered: “Do people really believe in the whole astrology-compatibility thing?”

I remember the days when I used to religiously follow my horoscope just for fun. Being a Leo, it was also interesting for me to know whether I am astrologically compatible with my special someone. It would have been weird if I immediately asked the men that I went out with what their birth sign was during the first date, so I’d usually wait until the relationship was going along nicely to learn about their birth sign. However, I do find it interesting that it always seems to come out eventually… and usually, the guy wants to know as much as I do.

What’s your age? What’s your sign? Zodiac Compatibility and RelationshipsAstrology is one of the most fascinating subjects: not only does this ancient science allow us to explore the uncharted territories of 'ourselves,' but it also provides the insights necessary for us to understand those near and dear to us. Following astrology is like having a voice from above that answers all of our difficult questions.

Most people, when looking for zodiac compatibility, are looking for a 'psychic' to tell them that their significant other is 'the one' for them.

Unfortunately, astrology is neither a 'psychic' nor is it God, but it is an artful and creative science that can supply you with the tools necessary to come to your own individual conclusions.

I enjoy learning about zodiac readings, but I think we should understand the real meaning of the purpose of it and use it as a tool to make our lives and relationships better.

  • Use the wisdom of the zodiac to learn about yourself and your relationships
  • Explore both your needs and your partner's needs: Always read your partner’s sign in relation to your own
  • Find the differences and similarities that you and your partner share so that you can better understand and accept them
  • Discover ways for both of you to support each other’s growth

But make sure you don’t look to zodiac compatibility readings as the ‘end all be all.’ Just because the ‘stars don’t align’ doesn’t mean that you can’t work things out with your partner. After all, opposites attract, right?

What’s your age? What’s your sign? Zodiac Compatibility and Relationships


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