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BY Francis Akhalbey, 9:00am May 14, 2019,

After working with Darkchild and Snoop Dogg, this Surinamese musician is breaking global grounds

Dutch-Surinamese musician Cimo Frankel

After penning an army of chart hits in Europe and Asia, 2019 will see Surinamese musician Cimo Frankel deliver his first body of work as a musician with the support of his friends and collaborators Darkchild, Bone Thugs n Harmony and Snoop Dogg.

Face2Face Africa recently caught up with the Dutch-Surinamese musician and songwriter to discuss all that and more.

After working with Darkchild and Snoop Dogg, this Surinamese musician is breaking global grounds

Face2Face Africa: As a songwriter, who are some of the biggest names you’ve worked with?

Cimo Frankel: Snoop Dogg, James Arthur, Cheat Codes, Darkchild, Armin v Buuren, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Skrillex, NCT127.

Face2Face Africa: How did you get to meet them?

Cimo Frankel: Darkchild I actually met through Instagram when I posted a song referencing his sound and tagged him. James Arthur I met through his A&R.

Face2Face Africa: What informed your decision to do your own music now?

Cimo Frankel: There were so many songs that I personally like, and other people and artists like them too but would not specifically fit a different artist. I always loved singing so it was an easy decision.

Face2Face Africa: Tell us about your life and your connection to Suriname?

Cimo Frankel: I grew up in Amsterdam, with my mother, who was born in Suriname. I have alot of family there, but I spent all my life in The Netherlands.

Face2Face Africa: How has your Surinamese background influenced your music?

Cimo Frankel: Suriname is a really soulful culture. I heard a lot of soul in my youth because of that. Suriname loves music so I always had a supportive family.

Face2Face Africa: Any plans to work with African artists and what do you make of the African music scene?

Cimo Frankel: I would be so happy to work with an African artist. I love how joyful and beautiful their music is. I particularly love Oliver Mtukudzi. May he rest in peace.

Face2Face Africa: What should we expect from your new music?

Cimo Frankel: I will always write from the heart and would love to show you more left of center music. Deeper songs and just honest simple songs as well.

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