An artist’s impression of a suspected rapist sends people talking

Nii Ntreh March 04, 2020
An artist's impression of the criminal, according to the Indian Metropolitan Police Department

The artwork an artist penciled from descriptions about a rapist has generated rather interesting responses in an investigation by the Indiana Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD).

Whatever the public may be laughing about, the IMPD says it wants help identifying the man in the artwork.

According to the IMPD, the man was described as heavyset with one lazy eye. He is also said to have an overbite on his bottom teeth and a round face.

Fox59 in Indiana did not specify if the man is an African American but the drawing leaves nothing more to the imagination.

The suspect is said to have abducted his victim, a teenager, at random and at the threat of a gun in August of 2019.

But the seriousness with which the police are treating the crime seems to be lost on those on Twitter who may have been expected to help in arresting a suspected criminal.

Minutes after Fox59 had taken to the social media platform to tweet about the police inquiry and the portrait of the suspect, users responded with memes and snarky comments.

“Mother of god”, lamented one tweeter.

Another tweet clearly tried to insult: “He looks like that 0.01% of bacteria that soaps didn’t kill.”

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