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[Answers] Test your knowledge of African cities

1. One of these African countries has a capital whose Portuguese name translates to “New Port”. Which country is it? Benin

2. Dar es Salaam (Arabic for House of Peace), the most important business and commercial hub in Tanzania, was formerly known as? Mzizima

3.Until 1982, this city in southern Africa was known as Salisbury, named after the British Prime Minister Lord Salisbury. What is its present-day name? Harare

4. Which one of the following African cities was formerly known as Léopoldville? Kinshasa

5.  From 1876 until 1976, Maputo, which is the capital and most populous city in Mozambique was known as? Lourenço Marques

6.  Santa Isabel was the former name of one the following Central African cities. Which city is this? Malabo

7.  In the year 1886, Taytu Betul, Wife of Emperor Menelik II named today’s Ethiopian capital “Addis Abeba;”  This Amharic name translates to? New Flower

8. The name of one of the cities below translates to “the City of thousands”. Which city is this? Antananarivo

9.  The second-largest city in the Democratic Republic of Congo was renamed Lubumbashi by Mobutu Sese Seko in 1966. What was the former name of the city? Élisabethville

10. One of the following cities served as the capital of Northern Rhodesia (today Zambia) from 1911 to 1935, before it was moved to Lusaka. Which city is this?  Livingstone

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