At almost 8ft, the ‘tallest’ man from Ghana’s Volta Region dropped out of school because of shoe size

Francis Akhalbey July 19, 2021
At almost 8 feet tall, Charles Sogli is said to be the tallest man in Ghana's Volta Region -- Photo via Ghbase

A 22-year-old welding and metal fabrication apprentice believed to be the tallest man in the Volta Region of Ghana has highlighted a setback in the craft he’s currently learning and is appealing for support.

According to the Ghana News Agency, Charles Sogli, who is almost 8 feet tall, is in need of customized footwear as well as working gear as he’s currently facing difficulties in getting the right fit. His feet are said to be 16 inches long. And besides that, Sogli is also in need of a special vehicle to help him move around comfortably.

Sogli said challenges with getting the right shoe size had caused him to drop out of school, adding that he does not want the same problem to hinder his current apprenticeship. In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Sogli said he started his apprenticeship as a welder and metal fabricator about a year ago and not wearing the proper footwear and working gear while on the job has been a major headache for him.

He added he faces challenges boarding commercial vehicles because of his height and several drivers do not even allow him to enter their cars. “Drivers don’t pick me up anytime I stop them because they say I am too tall and cannot fit well into their cars. So I always walk to work and back home unless someone is really touched to give me a lift,” Sogli told MyJoyOnline.

Sogli’s master, Micheal DeSouza, also said that though a shoemaker was able to make customized footwear for him, it is still “not protective.”

Despite the challenges, DeSouza said Sogli is very “helpful and hard-working.” “He is a good, quiet and peaceful person. All he needs is appropriate footwear and working gear for his size and maybe a special means of transport – a special car,” he added.

Besides safety shoes, the other proper working gear and accessories for welders and metal fabricators includes goggles, hard hats and gloves. “I will be happy if people can help me with sandals and shoes, which should be specially designed for me. I also need dresses and a means of transport. I am also pleading with drivers to pick me anytime I stop them,” Sogli said.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: July 20, 2021


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