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Baltimore brothers earn praise for starting shoveling business to earn money and help people

After the Halls raved about how well the guys shoveled for them, the hashtag #SnowSquad was created, and the boys have become extremely popular on social media. Photo Credit: The Baltimore Times

Twelve-year-old Caleb Israel and ten-year-old Yahshua Israel have already started their own business by shoveling snow for their neighbors. 

Caleb told The Baltimore Times, “I’ve been willing to shovel snow recently because a few days ago my brother earned about $20 for shoveling a neighbor’s steps while out of school, and it motivated me to do the same around the neighborhood. I do want to save money and buy some things.”

A year ago, their father, Marcus Israel, taught the boys how to shovel. The boys asked him and his wife, Crystal J., how they could get extra money. The parents advised that they inquire with the neighbors to see if any of them wanted the fronts of their homes shoveled. 

The proud father revealed that the neighbors were delighted and shocked that Caleb and Yahshua, who shoveled snow on school off-days, were outdoors in the cold, ready to put in the work and earn money. Their enthusiasm to work caught the attention of LaQuisha Hall, the Baltimore City 2018 Teacher of the Year, who now works as a coach in Baltimore City Schools. 

Hall told the publication that she overheard her husband, Mardis, talking to the kids and telling them he was going to do the shoveling himself.

“I quickly asked him if they were children. When he replied that they were, I ran downstairs, threw on a coat, and called them back to the house as they were walking away,” she said. 

That day, the lads worked as shovelers for the couple to earn some money. Mardis even created a video during their second visit for Caleb and Yahshua to use in the future to further promote themselves and get the community’s support. 

He also told the publication that “Snow shoveling is a lost hustle art because of generational laziness. So, when you see it, it is endearing.”

After the Halls raved about how well the boys shoveled for them, the hashtag #SnowSquad was created, and the boys have become extremely popular on social media. Hall disclosed that she came up with the hashtag in response to the over 3,000 individuals who expressed interest in her story of her “adopted nephews” after she shared it on Facebook and explained how her friends might contribute to kids who are starting their businesses. 

She encouraged people, saying, “These young men could have stayed home, yet they decided to put in effort on a cold day to support their community. I will always applaud this type of effort from all youth. I hear too many criticizing our youth. Instead of shaking your head at what youth do, shake their hands, engage with them. Turn on your “porch light” for them to be a guide in their journey.”

While his older brother uses the shovel, 10-year-old Yahshua uses his mother’s dust bucket to clear the snow. Together, they have shoveled the yards of six houses in the community.

Yahshua shared his entrepreneurial aspirations, saying, “I would like to start a business because I’d like to make money and be known for doing something that has a positive impact. I would like to open a lemonade stand or car wash business in the Springtime coming up.”

Their father attested to the boys’ business acumen, that they had announced their plan to officially launch a business and keep prospects for earning money in the neighborhood open by completing odd jobs.

Beyond just letting them shovel their house, Yahshua is content with the support from the Halls. Through their assistance, more and more proud “uncles” and “aunties” from the nation are reaching out to the boys, offering them “Cash App encouragement.”

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