Benin is the mecca of the voodoo religion and here are six temples that are filled with magic

Farida Dawkins August 01, 2018
Voodoo temples in Benin

Voodoo, the mysterious yet misunderstood religion. Despite the veil of secrecy that may surround the religion, many are considering returning to the practice.

Many feel that mainstream religious practices keep individuals in mental bondage, rather than allowing for free thought.  This is precisely why some have decided to go back to the practices of their elders and ancestors.

Despite how you may feel about the religion, it appears it is here to stay.  Particularly in Benin.

Today marks the Independence day of Benin. Being that the former home of the Dahomey Empire celebrates its freedom from the rule of the French on this day in 1960, it is only right to learn about one of its fascinating attributes.

Benin is also the capital of Voodoo. Being so, scroll through to learn about six voodoo temples in Benin that are still bustling:

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