BY Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson, 1:47pm July 30, 2018,

Forget Disney’s fairy tale, these are real-life African princesses and queens you should celebrate

Princess Amina

Since its establishment, Disney has played a huge influence on the lives of many adults and children. With various heroic characters and adventures, the successful media house has established itself as the best animation producers of all time.

With its 11 fairy tale princesses, Disney has been able to inspire many girls teaching them that being beautiful doesn’t always do the trick. A girl needs to be smart, brave and willing to put her life on the line for people that she loves.

There’s a new princess in town from Disney, African Princess Sade will be the 12th Princess to join the castle. While this may be exciting news for Africans, young girls all over the world and lovers of Disney movies in general, it’s not too far-fetched to think of possible stories that can be adapted.

The new generation of Africa is all about telling the true African story and letting the world know that Africa was not just a vast land with huge trees and monkey-like people jumping from tree to tree before the coming of the Europeans.

There are many legends that existed in ancient Africa whose story needs to be heard by every African and people of the world in general. Among these legends exist princesses and queens who rose to defend their people and serve well. Yes, Disney is all about fairy tales but their princess Pocahontas was based on a real-life woman who once existed and Mulan is based on a warrior girl.

Here are five African queens and princesses whose interesting real-life stories will make exciting Disney or movie adaptations.

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