Bineta Diop Represents African Women on Time Magazine’s List of 100 Most Influential People

Sandra Appiah April 22, 2011

 By: Face2face Africa

Bineta Diop was the only African woman listed on Time Magazine’s List of 100 Most Influential people.

As the Founder and Executive Director of F.A.S. (Femmes Africa Solidarite), Diop has been at the forefront of women empowerment in her home country of Senegal and within Africa.

A true believer in the ability of women to shape and influence the future of Africa, Diop is committed to mobilizing resources and providing a platform for women to be able strengthen their skills, assume leadership positions, and be able to see the potential they have to bring about positive change to their own countries.


Women are the economic drivers of Africa, on average working twice as many productive hours as men. They are also the constituency most incentivized to build peace. A gender-based approach to conflict prevention has the potential to transform the continent. And at the forefront of that approach is Bineta Diop, 61. The founder of Femmes Africa Solidarité, Diop focuses on women-led peace building in the most fragile states, including the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi. Her relentless campaign for gender parity is empowering women to play a leading role in African development.

Time Magazine

Face2face Africa Congratulates Diop and encourages her to continue being an instrument of change for African women.


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