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Egyptian Journalist, Ayman Mohyeldin, Listed on Time 100 List of Most Influential People

By: Collins Odogwu

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Egyptian Journalist, Ayman Mohyeldin, Listed on Time 100 List of Most Influential PeopleIn a world where many fear for their lives and people in media stay away from the front line, one man braved the situation head on to put us in the middle of the then impending Egyptian Revolution.

From start to finish, watching Ayman was like being right in the middle of it all,  plus an added bonus of behind the scenes insights. His passion for the story and the movement was clear as he captured the attention of audiences across the globe with his persistence and courage.

The American University trained reporter was one of the 5 Al Jazeera journalists arrested following the refusal to shut down all broadcasts from Egypt.

"All journalists hope that at least once in their career, they’ll be covering the world’s biggest story and be the best at doing it. With Egypt’s revolution, Ayman Mohyeldin’s hopes became reality. Many journalists did good work in Egypt at the country’s — and the region’s — historic turning point, but none matched Mohyeldin, 31. He put us in the middle of the action and took us behind the scenes; he riveted us to the story as it developed toward its climax and kept us along for the aftermath. By dint of his experience, persistence and talent, he lifted the profile and reputation of the al-Jazeera network. And for one brief, shining moment, he was the best in the world."

Time Magazine

To a symbol of what African and Global media should represent, an example in positive reporting and dedication to telling that balanced story, here is to Ayman Mohyeldin. We’ll forever freeze that moment in time when you were the best in the world. Face2face Africa Salutes you!


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