Mississippi family reconnect with roots in emotional trip to Ghana [Video]

Wisdom Jonny-Nuekpe January 23, 2024
Black family of eight trace their roots in Ghana. (Photo: supplied)

A family of eight from the State of Mississippi in America visited Ghana on a weeklong heritage tour to reconnect to their roots and immerse themselves in the culture of the motherland.

The trip, which was facilitated by Birthright Journeys, a local tour planner, includes a visit to the Elmina Castle and Fort Prinzenstein where the family were taken around the dungeons where the ancestors were camped for weeks and months, before the Middle Passage.

They also visited the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, the National Museum and several other sites of attraction, and a bit of adventure.

Elder Pastor Haywood Hannah, who led the family on this all-important trip, said, “No matter how hard things were for our ancestors, there is a new opportunity to work hard to make them proud. This is the orientation I want to leave for my children, my grandchildren and my entire family”.

Pastor Hannah said whereas past incidents depicted a sad event, the most important thing right now for all black people and people of African ancestry is to forge ahead and win future battles to establish lasting legacies.

Reginal Jefferson, a member of the family, said the trip was important as it offered the opportunity to reconnect with his ancestors and to walk on the routes of the ancestors.

“The point of no return, has become a point of return for I and my family and it is an emotional experience to be here,” he said.

Facilitator of the trip Birthright Journeys explained that it was important for every African American to trace their roots to mainland Africa and reconnect with the motherland. Birthright said it offers opportunities to every black person of African ancestry to have this experience and reconnect with their ancestors.

As part of the tour, the family was taken through the traditional naming ceremony in Keta and were formally welcomed and inducted into the James-Ocloo Royal family of Keta.

Other members of the family who were on the tour include Flora Hannah, Dr Jannelle Hannah Jefferson, Hart Jefferson, Brooklynn Jefferson, Jacob Jefferson and Eli Jefferson.

Click here for a video of the tour.

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