Black Christmas mannequins wow internet lovers thanks to this 52-year-old breast cancer survivor

Michael Eli Dokosi December 02, 2019
Christmas angel mannequins by Eileen Pearsall

Surviving any cancer is worthy of celebration much more when that battle was breast cancer.

Often ladies get to lose their melons and that can strike a blow at their self-esteem and psychology, fearing their partners might not love them any more. Thankfully there are reconstructive surgeons who do a good job to develop new breasts for such survivors. It is not to say men too don’t have fears of their own.

And Eileen Pearsall, a breast cancer survivor from Delaware knows best how it feels being given a second chance. Having been diagnosed with the cancer in 2018, Pearsall decided to do something different with her Christmas tree.

Given that the #blackgirlsrock campaign was gaining traction on social media in the US, she decided to show African American girls that it was okay to be comfortable and proud of their skin.

She told “So, last year I wanted to inspire our African American girls. I wanted to show the beauty of the deep melanin skin.”

Eileen Pearsall
breast cancer survivor and
Christmas angel mannequins creator Eileen Pearsall

She ordered a black mannequin and built the tree around the doll, in the shape of a dress.

She further noted: “I had also just finished breast cancer treatment and was feeling so blessed. My ultimate goal was to inspire everyone; especially my Angel tree. I was really just feeling the blessing of being cancer-free this year.”

According to Pearsall, on average the designs can take over three to four hours to make although the Angel tree consumes more time as it required wings and more feathers. She submitted: “I bought 300 feathers to add to them.”

Initially, Pearsall created the mannequin trees for her home but when she shared photos of her creation they are now so much in demand that she is making good money from her hobby although she said they are easy on the pocket with friends and buyers getting their own specially created mannequin trees. Her day job though is an anti-money laundering investigator.

One of the Christmas mannequin trees
(Picture: Eileen Pearsall)

Pearsall’s inventive decorations have been in demand so much that she’s created three new versions with photos being shared over 90,000 times online.

This year’s Christmas angel mannequin has received over 5,000 likes on Facebook and has been shared over 25,000 times with people eager to get their hands on it.

Pearsall, 52, intends spending the festive season with her family and Christmas angel mannequins.

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