Butter Braids and Dreadlocks: A look at Africa’s traditional hairstyles

Mildred Europa Taylor February 12, 2018

Coated plaits of Mumuhuila women in Angola — Pinterest

Coated plaits of Mumuhuila women in Angola

They are founded in Southern Angola and the women there are noted for their unique hairstyle.

“The women coat their hair with a red paste called, oncula, made of crushed red stone. They also put a mix of oil, crushed tree bark, dried cow dung and herbs on their hair. Their hair is decorated with beads, cauri shells (real or plastic ones) and dried food. Having their forehead shaved is considered as a sign of beauty. The plaits, which look like dreadlocks are called ‘nontombi’ and have a precise meaning. Women or girls usually have four or six ‘nontombi’ but when they only have three it means that someone died in their family,” a photographer, Eric Lafforgue of ericlafforgue.com said.


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