BY Adanna Uwazurike, 12:00am September 27, 2011,

Can President Goodluck Jonathan’s One Term Tenure Proposal Save Nigeria?

Recently, President Jonathan Goodluck of Nigeria, proposed single term tenure for the President and governors of the 36 states. The tenure for the members of the National and State assemblies would also be a little more than four years but they would be up for reelection. However, many believed that the president was trying to sneakily allow himself to be president for a longer time, but President Goodluck made it clear that any such law would not take place until 2015. He has stated that a single tenure would allow leaders to focus on governance and development—not reelection.

But what does this mean on a larger scope? For a long time Nigeria has faced corruption within the government that has left many disillusioned with their leaders and the political process. Unfortunately, this issue of government corruption has plagued many nations especially in Africa. For a leader of such a nation dealing with these serious problems to move in a direction that is to solely help the nation advance is something out of the ordinary.

Its not a secret that for many third world countries, the issues plaguing their nation tend to stem from the leaders, most of whom have been in their same position for years upon years. Without periodic shifts in leadership there is usually not much change and when the people are unhappy with the status quo, it only leads to more problems. Recently, for example, with the case of Libya, the president Qaddafi, who is essentially a dictator, has been in his position for most of his life. Without citizens having the ability to have a say in who they want as their leader it is only inevitable that trouble will arise.

 In the United States we sometimes take for granted that when we are unhappy with leadership at the top, such as with the President, citizens know that within eight years, at the very most, they have the ability to put someone they believe is more suitable. Unfortunately, this is not a homogenous way of thinking around the world and many places cannot even fathom having that ability.

That is why having President Goodluck propose a one-term tenure, whether it is a well-liked plan or not, sets a precedent and a feeling of change that will hopefully spread throughout other nations facing similar problems.  In Nigeria, where a “politics as usual” attitude can sometimes be the prevailing attitude we must commend those who are stepping out of that box.

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