Faces of Black Excellence

Changing history with filmmaking: here are 10 movies you probably didn’t know were directed by black filmmakers

2 Fast and Furious

Released in 2003, 2 Fast and Furious, the sequel to Fast and Furious 2001, is a product of black director, John Singleton. It was considered a box office success, making record sales of $236.35 million worldwide, and outperforming the first movie, Fast and Furious. Even though it didn’t star actor, Vin Diesel, it spent double of its earlier budget. Whereas 2 Fast and Furious cost $76 million, the budget for the Fast and Furious was $ 38 million, according to koimoi. The film featured Paul Walker who partnered with Tyrese Gibson in the action-packed thriller where they infiltrated the ranks of a smuggling syndicate in Miami. John sadly passed away in 2019, but his amazing works and achievements will always be celebrated.

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Stephen Nartey

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