Curvy Costco employee claims her boss body-shamed her, told her to wear bigger clothes

Francis Akhalbey August 03, 2023
Aisha Mason said her bosses at Costco complained about her work attire -- Photos via isha.mason/Tiktok

Social media users rallied behind a curvy woman after she claimed her bosses at Costco summoned her to complain about her work attire despite admitting it did not violate the store’s dress code policy.

According to New York Post, Aisha Mason, a New Jersey resident, took to social media to narrate what occurred, claiming that she was “body-shamed” by her bosses and told to wear “bigger clothes” as her curvy body shape was turning the heads of her male colleagues.

“So, I’m borderline pissed,” she shared in the TikTok video that has since gone viral. “Like, I got called into the office because I’m following dress code, but my body shape is too much for my job.”

She said that the company’s “personal appearance policy” stipulates that workers can wear “a polo and dress pants or jeans with no rips.” “I don’t get it. Like, I’m following dress code, but because I might have people following me around at work. How is this my fault?” she questioned.

Though Mason clarified she wasn’t “being dramatic” in another post on Instagram, she questioned why she was pulled away “from doing my job to tell me that I had the wrong type of body to wear the clothes that I’m wearing.”

“I have on regular dress pants, and your excuse was the men in the tire shop and the boys keep stopping and looking at me? That’s not my fault,” she said. 

“You don’t know the type of hell I had to go through my whole life just for how I look,” Mason added. “You don’t know what type of mental trauma I might have from having to be misunderstood for me to come to where to have to hear, ‘Oh, you have the wrong body shape to wear the right clothes though,’ because I’m in dress code.”

Social media users rallied behind her, saying that she shouldn’t have been summoned as she was following the company’s dress code. “HR professional here,” a user said. “The handbook governs all employees and you are dressed accordingly. They have no right to request you to do something different than stated in the handbook that will not apply to all employees. Especially due to other employees sexualizing your image. HR needs to be fired.”

“Why don’t they pull the men aside and talk to them about sexual harassment,” another user questioned.

“If a skinny girl wore that it would be chill but since she’s curvy it’s a problem,” another user commented. “Once again, women being held responsible for men’s behavior. This has got to stop,” said a different person.

“You either turned a man down and hurt his pride or a female jealous. You look great,” another user also said.

Others, however, begged to differ and asked Mason to try wearing something different, New York Post reported. “I work for Costco and those are not dress pants due to the material. Just don’t wear those pants anymore. They look like something you wear on a beach day or vacation. The real problem is that material doesn’t stand a chance against the jiggle. Which unfortunately causes a distraction,” a user said.

“The pants are sweater fabric just get slacks sis,” another user said. “I think maybe because those aren’t really considered ‘work pants’ by retail standards. Try khakis/jeans type pants. Those look like pajamas to me,” another user also added.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: August 3, 2023


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