Ghana: Fetish priestess goes to son’s school to curse student who allegedly stole his phone

Francis Akhalbey August 03, 2023
A fetish priestess reportedly went to her son's school to curse a student -- Images via Twitter

A fetish priestess in Ghana made her way to her son’s school to rain curses on a student who allegedly stole his phone. According to GhanaWeb, the fetish priestess was videoed performing the ritual at Lashibi Senior High School. The educational institution is located near the West African nation’s capital Accra.

In the video of the incident, the fetish priestess is seen walking around the school’s premises while reciting incantations. She is also seen holding a bell and what looks like a bottle.

The woman’s actions reportedly drew the attention of students as they stepped out of their classrooms to take a look at what was happening. The fetish priestess claimed the phone theft happened last Friday. 

A student who recorded the incident questioned their safety. “This is Lashibi Senior High, a fetish priestess just entered the school because there is no security. The woman is saying someone stole her son’s phone,” the student said.

“It is really hard in Accra. So, are we safe in this school? You are in this school and a fetish priestess has come into the school, look at what she is doing.”

The student also said the student whose phone was stolen made the priestess come to the school to retrieve his gadget. 

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: August 3, 2023


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