Dangerous dances that rocked Africa in the past year – they could kill you

Mildred Europa Taylor November 13, 2018

Students doing the Idibala dance — Youtube


South African musician, King Monada’s hit song, Malwedhe, has inspired the current “fainting” dance craze under the #IdibalaChallenge, which is now spreading beyond South Africa’s borders, having been spotted in Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya and as far as China.

Malwedhe which inspired the dance means “illness” in the Bolobedu dialect of the Sepedi language. The dance sees fans falling to the ground and “fainting” when the chorus of the song plays. The translated version of the chorus is, “When you don’t come home, I faint”, and it goes on to say, “When you switch off your phone, I faint”.

People have since taken to social media to post videos of themselves doing the “fainting dance” and “collapsing” when the lyrics play. In schools, construction sites, even in vehicles, fans have jumped on this dance craze raising concerns about its potential to cause injuries.


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