5 power couples who have shocked admirers with the ugly side of their marriage

Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson November 13, 2018

It’s almost everyone’s dream to find a good partner to marry, start a family and spend the rest of one’s life with. People put up with all sorts of things in a bid to find their one true love. For some, it comes easy but for others, it doesn’t.

Marriage is an enviable status that many young people look forward to. On social media, celebrity couples are always referred to as #couplegoals with fans leaving several comments on posts that make them excited to say ‘I do’ to the right person.

In reality, marriages are hard work. It is why the taste of a wedding cake leaves a  bittersweet taste; sugary and beautiful on the outside but mostly dark and bitter on the inside coming together to make a whole package.

For many years, celebrity power couples have tried hard to make everything look beautiful, rosy and almost perfect and social media has helped propel this phenomenon with fairytale images of these power couples flooded all over the internet. It is why many family issues of these couples become huge scandals.

While they cannot run away from having their business in the eye of the media and the whole world, a few celebrity couples who are very influential have over the past year been more vocal about the dark sides of marriage that almost ruined a beautiful union or have been tough hurdles to overcome in their marriages.

Here are 5 power couples who have spoken about both the good and bad sides to marriage.

Last Edited by:Nduta Waweru Updated: November 14, 2018


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