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UPDATE: Officials Hint At the Release of Jailed Mother, Husband Speaks Out on Wife Giving Birth Behind Bars

Daniel Wani meriam yehya ibrahim ishag

UPDATED 6/2/14, 12:32 P.M. EST: Over the weekend, an official stated that Meriam Yehya Ibrahim (pictured below right) would be released, because Sudan was committed to “protecting her freedom,” but then another official countered the official’s statement, saying that the Mother of two would only be released with a proper judicial ruling, reports the BBC.

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According to Daniel Wani (pictured), Ibrahim’s husband, neither Abdullahi al-Azreg, under-Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishagsecretary to the Foreign Ministry, nor the Foreign Ministry itself contacted him about any possible releases.

On Saturday, al-Azreg told the media that Ibrahim would be freed, but by Sunday, the Foreign Ministry offered a “clarification,” saying, essentially, not so fast, “The defense team of the concerned citizen has appealed the verdict…and if the appeals court rules in her favor, she will be released,” the ministry said.

At the news, which he reportedly heard through various media reports, Wani responded, “No Sudanese or foreign mediator contacted me. Maybe there are contacts between the Sudanese government and foreign sides that I’m not aware of. As far as I’m concerned I will wait for the appeal, which my lawyer submitted and I hope that my wife will be released.”

The wheelchair-bound Wani has had an uphill battle contesting his wife’s case. His marriage was annulled by the courts and he has been denied custody of both of his children because he is a Christian.

The contradictory statements of the Foreign Ministry, though, may indicate an upcoming about face in the courts, regarding Ibrahim Ishag’s case, after both a nation and world have rallied behind her for being sentenced to death for marrying a Christian and allegedly renouncing her Islamic faith.


Daniel Wani (pictured), the husband of Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag (pictured below) who has made worldwide headlines for being sentenced to death for marrying a Christian, spoke with the media this week about the impact the sentence has on his family and the hardship Ishag endured giving birth to their child behind bars, according to the BBC.

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Wani went to see his family on Tuesday, when his wife gave birth to their baby girl. According to the concerned Father, Ishag was forced to deliver the child in chains. Wani also said that their 20-month-old son’s, Martin (pictured above right), disposition has changed since being imprisoned with his mother since February, “His attitude has changed a lot. He used to be a happy boy,” he said. “When I went there he just looked at me. No smile.”

Adding insult to injury in a case that has confounded much of the world, Wani cannot gain custody of his children and relieve them of the distress of essentially serving time alongside their mother because Christians aren’t allowed to have custody of children.

Speaking more on young Martin, Wani, who is wheelchair bound, added, “Sometimes really he is in a bad mood. Every time when I went there, he just wants to come home with me,” he said.

Ishag is supposed to receive 100 lashes for her crime in the next days to come, because by law, Sudan is supposed to deliver the punishment as soon as she can stand.

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim

From the beginning of the case, there has been a back and forth between Ishag and her family, regarding her religion. Her brother reportedly filed a complaint against her for supposedly disappearing for years and then showing up married to a Christian. On the other hand, ishag contends that even though her father is Muslim, she was raised by her mother who she claims is Christian.

Ishag’s brother, though, counters her claim, saying that their mother is a devout Muslim. Wani backs his wife up, though, saying, “She grew up…with her mother, went to the church and I don’t think that means that she converted from Islam to Christianity.”

Daniel Wani Meriam yehya ibrahim ishag

Still, even in the face of death, the joy a new life brings cannot be stamped out. Of his new daughter’s birth, Wani said, “It’s very incredible. I’m so happy.”

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