Has the deaf and mute blue-eyed-girl in Cameroon met Rihanna yet?

Farida Dawkins April 01, 2018
Esther Grace...GistReel

In February, a deaf and mute girl by the name of Esther Grace had an image of her go viral after it was shared with the singer, Rihanna.


The message stated: “Hi, @rihanna Her name is Esther Grâce, she is a deaf-mute orphan who lives in Cameroon. I don’t know why but everytime I look at her, I think about you. Please, could do something magic for her?”

Esther Grace…Dcoded TV

Esther Grace is a Cameroonian native and is an orphan at Meinrad Hebga Orphanage.

Her distinct look has garnered attention from local Cameroonian stars.

Rihanna has yet to respond.

Let’s see if Grace’s wishes come to pass.


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