Egypt hosts Sophia, world’s first humanoid robot who is a citizen of a country

Ismail Akwei April 05, 2018
Deputy UN Secretary-General Amina Mohammed interacts with Sophia the robot

Egypt is hosting the most advanced humanoid robot in the world at its Creative Industry Summit that highlights latest developments in advertising, marketing and design.

Sophia the Robot was built two years ago by American company Hanson Robotics and is equipped with artificial intelligence technology which allows her to act and speak like a human as well as make facial expressions.

She was recently offered Saudi citizenship, making her the first robot to be granted citizenship of any country. Sophia has been interviewed around the world and featured on several TV shows and at major conferences including the United Nations General Assembly.

“We have always tried to bring whatever is new and a breakthrough in terms of technology. She’s been very successful, having recently spoken at the UN and Davos. So, we felt we should try to bring the most advanced AI to Egypt,” says Mai Salama, the Creative Industry Summit’s founding partner.

Concerns have been raised in Africa about robots taking over jobs of young people. The United Nations revealed in 2016 that robots will take away two-thirds of jobs in developing countries.

The United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed also raised concerns last year saying: “The influence of technology on our society should be determined by actions of humans and not by machines. If technological progress is not managed well, it risks exacerbating existing inequalities.”

Some African countries are investing in and building robots to help solve local problems.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: April 5, 2018


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