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Ghanaian Boy With Organs Outside Body Undergoes Successful Operation

Charles Ayitey | Contributor

Charles Ayitey July 22, 2016 at 05:00 am

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Ethan Suglo, a Ghanaian 3-year-old born with organs outside his abdomen, was recently offered free surgical help at John Radcliffe Hospital in the United Kingdom. 

Upon the successful operation, Charles Suglo, Ethan’s father, described the entire surgery as “marvelous,”I was amazed to see what has happened…each and every day we see much progress about his health. Ethan is happy, playing, chatting, eating, drinking, so life is back for him. It was a great relief. We cannot express the joy. I just say, Wow, I have peace of mind. Everything is going to run smoothly in the family.”

The outcome of the surgery is reported to have improved the living standard of young Ethan, and pediatric surgeon Hugh Grant described the surgery as “very fulfilling” and “very rewarding.”

In addition to operating on Ethan, the doctors responsible for his care also aided in the raising of £39,000 for his medical trip.

ethan suglo

Exomphalos is a rare abdominal wall defect that occurs when a child’s abdomen fails to develop properly during pregnancy. Unfortunately, two in every 5,000 children born annually suffer from the condition.


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