Five famous people you didn’t know are from Suriname


Located on the coast of South America, Suriname is a country that was inhabited by various indigenous people before it was invaded by European powers in the 16th century.

With a population of 573, 311 people, its size is about one-tenth larger than Michigan. The smallest sovereign state in South America is bordered by Guyana to the West, French Guiana to the East and Brazil to the South.

Despite gaining independence in 1954, its political history has been saddled with conflict and democracy only became dominant after the 1990s. 

It has a vast economy that is driven by the exploration of bauxite, oil, and gold. Agriculture is also a strong component of the economy.

Suriname is also known for its rainforest which has become a World Heritage Site.

To commemorate its independence, Face2Face Africa brings you five famous people you didn’t know are from Suriname:

Last Edited by:Kent Mensah Updated: November 25, 2019


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