Five fascinating Puerto Rican myths and superstitions you should know

Ama Nunoo November 01, 2020
Coquí Tree Frog: Puerto Rico's Tiny, Musical Mascot
Coqui frogs are Puerto Rico’s National symbol. Photo: TripSavvy

Raining frogs

Legend has it that before the Taino Awaraks — the original inhabitants of the Caribbean islands settled in Puerto Rico — the island was filled with the coqui frog.

Of the sixteen species, eleven of them are endemic to Puerto Rico. Some can be found in what was previously known as the Caribbean National Forest, El Yunque National Forest in northeastern Puerto Rico.

When the humidity is high, tiny coqui frogs climb up the tall trees of the forest where they are also more exposed to their natural predators. To avoid predators, especially tarantulas, the frogs leap from tree to tree and literally float back down to the ground. This then creates the illusion of raining frogs.

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