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BY Francis Akhalbey, 8:50am August 10, 2023,

Former ‘Cosby’ star Raven-Symoné reveals weight-shaming made her have plastic surgery before 18

Raven-Symoné revealed she had plastic surgery before she turned 18 -- Photo Credit: Alex Calderon

In a recent episode of her “The Best Podcast Ever with Raven and Miranda”, Raven-Symoné revealed being weight-shamed led her to have two breast reductions and liposuction before she turned 18.

Now 37, the former Cosby Show star had never made that chapter of her teen life public, TODAY.com reported. She said she decided to undergo cosmetic procedures because of her weight.

“I had two breast reductions and lipo(suction) before I turned 18,” the actress said, adding that it was her father who initially urged her to go under the knife. “My dad suggested strongly that I should get my breasts reduced,” she revealed.

“He was like, ‘So you don’t feel bad, is there anything that you want?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, if I get lipo, will people stop calling me fat?'” she added. “So I got a twofer.”

The former That’s So Raven star, however, revealed that having plastic surgeries at such an age took a mental and physical toll on her. “It was just a mess, just being that young and the pain of it all, honey,” she said.

The 37-year-old also touched on her recovery journey post-surgery when her wife and the podcast’s co-host, Miranda Pearman-Maday, asked her about it. “The recovery was a little painful. I still have scars. I still have scar tissue to this day,” she revealed.

The actress said she later opted to have another breast reduction despite her negative experience. “I gained weight after and had to go back for a quick little bit more out because they were still too big,” she said.

But the Cheetah Girls star said the body-shaming comments about her size did not stop despite having multiple plastic surgeries. “I still got reamed through social media because I wasn’t skinny as everybody else, and they still called me fat,” she said. 

“It’s like, you get that done and it’s still not what everybody wanted to see.”

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