Former inmate earns prestigious Texas chaplaincy award for impacting lives after 13 years in prison

Dollita Okine June 11, 2024
Prominent figures attended the Austin, Texas ceremony, including Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott, Texas Board of Criminal Justice Chairman Eric Nichols, and Executive Director Bryan Collier of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). Photo Credit: Instagram, Keidrain Brewster

A former prisoner from Texas, Keidrain Brewster, was recently honored with the esteemed Chaplaincy Department Award at the 29th Annual Governor’s Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Awards Ceremony.

Individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to the community after being released from prison and who showed extraordinary dedication and commitment to their personal development and rehabilitation while in prison are recognized with the Chaplaincy Department Award.

Prominent figures attended the Austin, Texas, ceremony, on April 26 including Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott, Texas Board of Criminal Justice Chairman Eric Nichols, and Executive Director Bryan Collier of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).

“These award recipients, by volunteering countless hours, are helping to build a better Texas for themselves and everyone whose lives they touch,” Nichols said. “It is an honor to recognize them for their hard work and dedication.”

“These volunteers are true heroes,” Collier added. “Their compassion and commitment make a profound and lasting difference in the lives of many Texans. TDCJ, and the entire state, is better because of their service.”

Despite many obstacles, Brewster’s drive for self-improvement and determination to end the prison cycle set him on the path to achievement and atonement, a statement cited by Black News said. Brewster, who ran into trouble with the law at 17, was freed in 2014 after serving 13 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, according to his website.

Brewster became an inspiration for individuals seeking positive transformation thanks to his commitment to education, occupational training, and personal growth. Since his release, he has taken a leading role in community projects that he has named “The Big Reform Movement” to empower those who have been impacted by the criminal justice system.

With his best-selling books “From the Rec Yard to the Streets” and “From the Streets to the Suites,” he has established himself as a business entrepreneur and social media influencer.

His trucking business, Brewster Logistics, began with just one dually truck and a flatbed with a trailer that he drove. Today, the company employs over 15 people and operates a fleet of 10 trucks.

He advocates for educational resources in the criminal justice system and utilizes his trucking company to inspire former inmates who have been impacted by the system to pursue new career paths to lower the recidivism rate. He continues to pave the way for people seeking a better life to enter the trucking industry.

Throughout his experience in the criminal justice system, he has never shied away from sharing his unshakeable resolve and the knowledge he acquired from numerous rehabilitation programs. In March, he shared his journey with residents at CoreCivic’s Whiteville Correctional Facility in Whiteville, Tennessee. 

He told more than 300 residents at Whiteville, who were approaching release, “I don’t tell you these stories as a victim, but as someone who understands the significance of change,” according to Core Civic.

In an accompanying photo posted on social media, Brewster was shown carrying the Texas Chaplaincy Award, which represents his incredible journey and the recognition of his extraordinary accomplishments.

He wrote in the caption, “I am beyond grateful and humbled to receive THE GOVERNOR AWARD, a recognition that holds a special place in my heart. I want to give a big shoutout to the TDCJ agency for their unwavering support and belief in the power of rehabilitation. I am also incredibly grateful to the First Lady of Texas, Mrs. Abbott, for her dedication to prison reform.”

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