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Gamsole Brings the African Experience to the Gaming World

Gamsole Brings the African Experience to the Gaming World

A new Africa based gaming app company is bringing something distinctive to the cyber game industry. Gamsole’s mission is to introduce fun games that incorporate the African experience and lifestyle, in an attempt to showcase the beauty and culture of Africa. 

Although often overlooked, the gaming industry provides an incredible platform for the dissemination of ideas and cultural trends. Gamsole is taking advantage of the opportunity to bring the African culture to the mass and game fanatics around the world by the use of African imagery and concepts in its games.

Talking to Ventures Africa, founder Abiola states “Our content is so unique and so new in the gaming world. We’ve brought out the real African everyday experience, have refined it a little bit and have transformed it into engaging fun experience on mobile phones. We are bringing out the real African experience into awesome digital graphics, that’s also unique and innovative.”

With the gaming industry dominated by young people, Gamsole could have a huge impact on the world’s image and perception of Africa.

Abiola further explains his inspiration: “Africa is rich in many beautiful, engaging, fun stories and events. Gamsole Brings the African Experience to the Gaming WorldAfrica is also very rich in art. We have a team of perhaps the best digital graphics designers who understand Africa.”

The gaming industry is very competive and cut-throat. Can Gamsole keep on reinventing itself to compete with companies such as google, Apple, and windows, who have dominated the game app industry for years?

Time will tell. But for now, Gamsol is proud of some of its work in progress, one of which is a game called Kazoo that allows users to play in different African language, and a new car racing game that will take players around different African cities.

How cool is that!!!!

Look out for Gamsole on Andriod or iOS platforms.

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