Ghanaian man mistakenly cuts his genitals while dreaming about cutting meat

Francis Akhalbey August 22, 2022
A Ghanaian farmer mistakenly cut his genitals while he was dreaming -- Photo Credit: Tiny Home Nomad

A Ghanaian man was rushed to the hospital after he accidentally cut his testicles while he was sleeping. According to Citizen Digital, the man, identified as Kofi Atta, said he severed a portion of his testicles while he was dreaming about cutting meat in his sleep. 

“I was sitting in my chair when I dozed off. In my sleep I dreamt that I was cutting some meat in front of me. I don’t remember how I picked up the knife,” the 47-year-old farmer told BBC News Pidgin.

Atta was rushed to the hospital by neighbors who heard him screaming in pain. The farmer said he was still dreaming when he called for help after he injured himself. He added that he became aware of the injury after he regained consciousness at the hospital.

The farmer is appealing to the public to help him raise funds to undergo surgery for the injury he sustained. 

Per Healthline, Parasomnia is a “sleep disorder that causes abnormal behavior while sleeping.” It adds that the behavior can kick in “during any stage of sleep, including the transition from wakefulness to sleeping and vice versa.”

People who suffer from this defect typically move around, speak, or do abnormal things while they’re sleeping.

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