The good, the bad and the ugly statues of famous people in Africa

Ismail Akwei January 18, 2018
Ismail Akwei January 18, 2018
Statue of Ghanaian football star Michael Essien

Statues and sculptures have been erected all over the world to either honour individuals or make an artistic statement to the public.

In every country, you can find statues and sculptures in public spaces and at private spots. Some are nationalized and protected by the laws of the state.

Almost every state in the U.S. has a statue and one of the country’s most iconic statues is the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island in New York Harbor in New York City. The 93 meters copper statue is a gift from the people of France and is estimated to be worth over $35 million.

In Africa, there are iconic monuments including the biggest, the African Renaissance Monument outside Dakar, Senegal. It is a 49-meter tall bronze statue located on top of one of the twin hills known as Collines des Mamelles.

This is a beautiful monument like many others across the continent. The same cannot be said for others which have faced criticism for having a bizarre artwork, losing relevance in the present day dispensation and the unpopularity of those represented.

Here are the good, the bad and the ugly statues in Africa that generated interest in the last decade.

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