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BY Francis Akhalbey, 1:30pm October 05, 2020,

Groom ditched fiancée and partner of 10 years at the altar claiming his Uber was late

A Brooklyn woman was left hanging at the altar by her ex- fiancé who claimed his Uber had delayed -- Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

What was supposed to be the happiest day of Sasha Aristide’s life rather turned into a dreadful experience after her ex-fiancé and boyfriend of 10 years left her hanging at the altar on their wedding day despite assuring her he was on his way, claiming he was running late because his Uber had delayed.

Narrating how the events unfolded on the supposed “big day” on the Real Fix podcast, the Brooklyn woman said Kevin Hyppolite never showed any signs of developing cold feet, and even told her he couldn’t wait to marry her the night before their 2018 wedding, according to The Sun. Aristide said they spent $20,000 on the event and invited 125 guests.

“I had no clue whatsoever that he was not planning to show up or having cold feet,” she said. “I spoke to him the night before, he literally said ‘I love you I can’t wait to marry you.'”

She added: “We were talking the whole day. I realised at 2.30pm and at that point I didn’t have any emotions. I was so numb and in shock. I felt like I was in a trance.”

According to the nurse, she first realized something could be wrong after her florist called to tell her the management of their supposed wedding venue would not allow her in to set up.

“My florist called me and told me that the venue had not allowed her in to set up the flowers,” she said. “I called Kevin and he told me he was running late. I didn’t worry because the ceremony wasn’t until 5pm, with a drinks reception before.”

Despite the hold-up, Aristide said she and her bridesmaids, together with her maid of honor, continued preparing for the event. She was, however, later informed the full payment for the venue had not been made when guests started to arrive, according to The Sun.

“But then at 1.30pm, one of my bridesmaids told me that her brother had called the venue asking for the address and he had been told that there was no wedding scheduled for today,” she said. “Alarm bells went off in my head.”

Aristide’s attempts to also get to Kevin proved futile, with her then husband-to-be not being sincere about his whereabouts and still assuring her he was going to show up. He claimed he was running late because his Uber didn’t pick him up on time.

“To the last minute, he said he was coming, he told me he was on his way,” she revealed. “He kept lying the whole time.”

Kevin did not also bother to get in touch with her in the aftermath of the incident until weeks later. “Anyone who would do that to you definitely does not love you or care about you,” she said. “I cut off all connections with him.”

When Kevin was contacted for his side of the story, he claimed he did not show up because “something personal” happened. “It wasn’t intentional, it wasn’t planned, it just happened that way,” he said, adding that he’s open to working things out with Aristide.

She said she has moved on.

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