How the Harmattan breeze has left West Africa dry and dusty

Francis Akhalbey January 05, 2018
Harmattan Haze in Abuja, Nigeria. -- Photo Credit: Kipp Jones on Flickr.

The western part of Africa is currently experiencing the Harmattan weather. Also referred to as the Dry Season, it occurs between November and March. During this period, dry and dusty winds from the Sahara Desert blow to western Africa and then into the Gulf of Guinea.

Due to the extreme dryness of the weather and the effects it has on the body, it is always advisable to use moisturizers on your skin to keep you dry. Also try as much as possible to stay hydrated.

Below are Tweets of how some West Africans are reacting to the Harmattan season.

Ifeanyi on Twitter had a rather jovial harmattan advice and tips, Game of Thrones style!

Well, she went straight to the point.

Lexis isn’t really enjoying the dry weather.

Looks like Oppong got caught up in the harmattan dust.

Glance through these images to see how hazy it is out there.

Looks very hazy in Accra, Ghana.

Paul Lehmann, Australia’s High Commissioner to Nigeria shows a picture of the harmattan haze from their office in Abuja.

The dry season arrived very early in Abidjan.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: January 5, 2018


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