How an app by a former football player is helping entrepreneurs create connections without the hassle

Abu Mubarik December 04, 2021
Blake Stanton: (Image: Twitter)

Blake Stanton grew up playing basketball and football in Southern California where it is common for people to gravitate towards music, sports or the streets. Stanton counts himself lucky that sports came to him at an early age and so he did not end up in the streets.

Stanton looked up to many athletes and aspired to be like one in the future. He had the privilege of attending the University of Oregon where he played four years of Collegiate Football and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Crime, Law, and Society as the first in his immediate family to graduate from college.

His passion for sport was so strong that when his love for NFL declined, he ventured into other sporting jobs. He got a post-graduation internship in a Sports Agency.

“Being a young, black athlete I found it easy to relate and build trust with other athletes. Of course, being on the representation side is much different than being on the athlete side, but I found it extremely fun and rewarding,” he told Voyage LA.

Stanton reconnected with a high school colleague, Cole Midkiff, with whom he founded Quiktract in 2019, which has since become his passion project. According to Stanton, he created Quiktract to revolutionize the world of drafting and maintaining agreements, by providing the exploding freelance community with the necessary tools to not only succeed but protect themselves.

He further noted that the apps allow freelancers the chance to connect, conceive contracts, and secure payments all in one place.

“Quiktract gives those a peace of mind, as well as a written agreement without the hassle, time, expense, and most importantly fear that comes with traditional long-form contracts. We have made it our mission to continuously innovate as well as help cultivate a community of increased legal literacy,” he said.

One added advantage of Quiktract is that, unlike other platforms which seemingly charge people, Quicktract allows users to earn money.

“We want all our users to be able to earn everything they are so diligently working for. We want them to be official and really see the benefits of being a freelancer, solopreneurs, creatives. Basically putting FREE back into the freelance community,” he said.

According to Stanton, transitioning from sports to tech was something he thought he would never venture into. He said Quiktract is not only a “tech” company but a platform that is also looking to be a voice in the community for those looking to better themselves and their families.

“We want to support those following their dreams to be business owners, freelancers, and everything in between. We firmly believe in following one’s dreams!”

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