How dictators like Cameroon’s Paul Biya maintain control and remain in power

Nduta Waweru October 08, 2018
Photo; Office of the President, Cameroon

The world has seen a rise in the number of dictators and despots, most of whom employ similar tactics to stay in power and to control their people.

It would be interesting to note that most of these dictators started off as popular leaders who enjoyed the support of the people and even had big dreams for their country. However, once in power, most of them turn away from the same people that supported them and do everything in their ability to stay in power at the expense of the nation.

Cameroon’s Paul Biya is one of Africa’s longest-serving presidents and was up for re-election yesterday in his country.  After serving for 36 years, he is not ready to step down. Interestingly, quite a number of celebrities such as Samuel Eto’o have put their weight behind Biya’s re-election despite the chaos that the country’s English-speaking region is going through.

Biya has all the trappings of a dictator and he has been able to hold on to power for various reasons.

Here are some of the ways Biya and other dictators maintain control and remain in power:

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: October 8, 2018


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