How to maintain your composure and reduce stress during crisis

Ama Nunoo March 24, 2020
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Most people do not know how to behave in unforeseen circumstances let alone in times of crisis. With the recent coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people are beginning to get overly paranoid.

Facts are that we must all take precautionary measures to protect our families and ourselves. Stressing will only drain the little energy you need to keep going and just wear your thoughts down.

This is the time to get a good grasp of your emotions and tackle the stress that is associated with any crises you may be faced with to stay same and protect your mental health.

Life generally also throws certain things at us; it could be related to adjusting to your new role at work, health, relationships, family, finances, the list could be endless. Whenever we are faced with a crisis of any sort, we tend to make rush judgement calls that do not go well for us in the end.

Mostly because we are all over the place and in a haste to restore things to its former state or the way we think they should be.

Different health experts have various means by which we can maintain our composure in any crisis. Here are five tools we can implement to help us cope better and reduce our stress levels whenever we are in a crisis.

Last Edited by:Kent Mensah Updated: March 24, 2020


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