Archaeologists Unearth 10,000-Year-Old Hunter-Gatherers Massacred in Kenya

Abena Agyeman-Fisher January 21, 2016

Twenty-seven people were reportedly massacred 10,000 years ago in northern Kenya, according to archaeologists.

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Lake Turkana

The unfortunate group are believed to have been hunter-gatherers that included men, women, and children west of Lake Turkana.


Black volcanic rock obsidian

Archaeologists, who had been investigating the area of Naturuk for the last four years, believe the group was attacked by other hunter-gatherers in a single incident with wooden clubs and arrows or spears with sharpened obsidian, or black volcanic rock, at the tips (pictured).

The result was that the men, women, and children were either stabbed or clubbed to death and apparently left to die due to “some sort of conflict,” says Cambridge University Professor Robert Foley.

Hunter-gatherer bound?

Hunter-gatherer bound?

Photographs taken by the researchers show a skeleton with a fractured skull (pictured top) and another victim with his or her arms possibly bound (pictured).

Lead researcher Marta Mirazon Lahr contends that the attack was likely over resources, “[The] massacre may have resulted from an attempt to seize resources…whose value was similar to those of later food-producing agricultural societies, among whom violent attacks on settlements became part of life,” even though other experts believe hunter-gatherers got in to less conflicts since their lifestyle meant they could relocate.

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