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BY Abena Agyeman-Fisher, 12:11pm December 07, 2015,

Bodies Found in Kenya Spark #StopKillingSomalis Hashtag


Shocking photos of a group of at least 20 bodies found in northeastern Kenya have been circulating on Twitter, prompting authorities to respond to accusations of murdering ethnic Somalis, reports BBC.


Last year, Human Rights Watch released a report, documenting the alleged killings of Kenya’s Anti-Terrorism Police unit.

In response to the attacks by Somali-based Islamic terrorist group al-Shabab on Kenyan soil, police have allegedly targeted Somalis by conducting extrajudicial killings in the region. The murders have reportedly led to a number of disappearances.

And while the police reject the allegations, photos of the remains of a group of people, including a Mother of five who was arrested Friday, have gone viral on the Internet, inspiring the hashtag #StopKillingSomalis.

Warning: The below tweets are both graphic and disturbing:



In response to the photographs, many Kenyans have tweeted in support of Somalis, insisting that the government’s alleged targeting of ethnic Somalis needs to stop:



And while the General of Police Joseph Boinnet did indeed confirm the death of the deceased Mother (pictured in final tweet), he rejected the existence of a mass grave, which the photographs suggest.

The bodies were reportedly found by a herder who noticed jackals in the area as he searched for his animals.

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